The story Behind Plush Rides


The original workshop found its beginnings in 2009, where Juriaan van der Flier was faced with the maintenance of his Downhill bike, whilst living in the flattest country in Europe. Not a single bikeshop had ever seen, nor worked on a behemoth like his DH bike. Grown up with a grandfather who built his own steel bikes, Juriaan has endured all the hours in the shop from a very young age.

Combined with his personal skill-set and interests, Juriaan has built a huge knowledge and experience with working on mountainbikes, especially the ones in the “gravity-segment”.

Around 2016 Juriaan moved his focus towards suspension and suspension only. By now the workshop grew and grew until it was time to move shop and get organized as a one-stop-shop for everyone’s suspension and setup needs.

Plush Rides was born in January 2022 and is there for bicycle shop and consumer to provide top of the line service, advice, tuning products and many practical products that suit today’s mountainbiking.

If there is a product that wouldn’t be used by Juriaan personally, it won’t be on the menu!

Mountainbike suspension tuning and service center

Our Mission

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